Polis is a city of infinite space where people can enjoy face-to-face collaboration from a distance, as they were in the same place. This is thanks to the HEMOSY VR helmet that features a special camera. It captures the face of the user and projects it within a virtual reality environment.

HEMOSY is a unique VR helmet that covers the entirety of your head. Within its comfortable design are sets of cameras and microphones that capture your face and project it as a 3D video in Polis. Please read more here: HEMOSY 

Polis is a virtual reality platform designed to function and grow as a living city, because cities grow by agglomeration, gathering resources, inspirational art and incentives to bring educated people  together. To learn from each other.

  1. People enroll at the Polis university to get high paying jobs, or open their own startup.
  2. This attracts big corporations looking for specialized workers and companies. This leads to lower costs for companies.
  3. This leads to high productivity and very high salaries and a booming standard of living.
  4. This leads to more people moving to the city. That by now is a cluster, just like New York in the 2000s.
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