Business and distance working

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It is become more and more evident that all the best work opportunity are in the big metropolitan area. This is where all the companies big and medium are. Everyone of them looking for people and trying to sell they’re services. But this has spiked the price of living in those areas, while at the same time the value of the areas around the Metropolitan area drops. This is a vicious cycle that keeps ongoing.

A possibility is to allow a employee to work from home, but it comes with security problems: other people could be listening in and steal your company’s information or know-how. It also possible that the one doing the work is  not the one your company is paying.

That is the reason why only 82% of the employee allow for remote work. [ source GARTNER].

This is the problems HEMOSY and Polis  are designed to solve. Polis is the city where you can build a virtual office as detachment of your company where your distant employee. The virtual office will have all the facility a physical office can have: PC (virtual desktop) , Whiteboard, post it, meeting rooms, etc.  This will allow your employee to work together like they would be in the same physical office.

The HEMOSY is the one that protect the information and know-how of your company from 3° party. For more information on the HEMOSY please look in the HEMOSY page.


This example is a cooperation between an architect and a developer

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