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When you think about Las Vegas, what is the first thing that comes to you mind? – Gambling!
Gambling is a massive industry and attraction, especially for big cities like Las Vegas that in 2019 had 42 million visitors. The attraction of gambling expands even more with the improvements that internet brings. Today, online gambling is one of the most profitable businesses, confirmed by impressive revenue predictions of an expected USD 81,71 billion by 2022.


As it is, many gamblers from around the world couldn’t afford to play in the most popular casinos like the ones in Las Vegas. This problem was partially solved with VR casinos, but few gamblers liked this solution, because it failed to offer the same atmosphere as they enjoy in the real casino.

As we already say, with HEMOSY and Polis we thought about each area of everyday life, including gambling. So, gamblers don’t worry, we have got your backs!

With Polis you can create your perfect virtual casino, where you can play and interact with everyone that shares the same community. And you can see the reactions of other players to their cards, key to the success of many real-world gamblers.

The security is guaranteed by HEMOSY’s modern technology. All you need is to choose where and what you want to play. Not only Polis can create a fantastic location for gambling, but it also has you interconnected to events and to your own villa.

Who said that you can’t go to the Las Vegas casino that you dream of? With Polis and HEMOSY everything is possible.

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