Gaming and E-sport

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Most people’s first experience with virtual reality was with games. We all remember the trill from getting the chance to play close with our superhero. (Actually mine first experience with VR was with “Batman”) What’s your favorite VR game?

Although virtual reality offers many possibilities, the current VR scene is mostly dedicated to gaming. If you played some of the games offered on VIVE or a Rift, they are all available with the HEMOSY on a whole new level.
With HEMOSY you can interact with other gamers, create strategies together and share your secrets on how to beat your enemy ;-). And if you are a fan of social games that require an avatar, you can lift your experience with HEMOSY too.

Have you heard of e-sport? This new phenomenon has already reached $1.5 billion and is supported by some very powerful companies like The Krac Group and Mercedes – Benz. Here we have to highlight that e-sport is also supported by the big video game companies like Valve and Activision Blizzard, and the biggest streaming services like YouTube and Twitch.

E-sports and streaming services are providing an ecosystem where streamers and watcher can interact with each other. Currently, all main E-sport events have to be made in the physical world and cannot be done in Virtual Reality, at least in the near future.

The environment that HEMOSY creates is advantageous not only for the sports fans. It can create many business opportunities for influencers and commentators. Today is becoming a widespread phenomenon to watch influencers commenting a sports game live on YouTube or Twitch. Imagine the chills that sports fans will get if they are in the same virtual environment (community) with their favorite influencer and watch a sports game together. Sounds exciting, isn’t it?


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