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Mental health problems are a major issue in the western world, with people no longer willing to suffer in silence. Research shows that 1-in-4 people will experience a mental health issue during their life time. In the UK for example, half of the health issues of the working population are mental in nature, which costs businesses around £28 billion every year.

Finding the right specialist is the most challenging part when you need to treat a mental health problem. The patient must be able to create a confidential relationship with the therapist in order to open up about the problem. This process in return can cost time, money and effort to solve the problem, lasting months and years.

Paying attention to the sensitivity of the theme itself, HEMOSY can help in this area. Using HEMOSY a specialist can offer help to people from all across the globe. Applying the latest technology, HEMOSY guarantees that everything that patient opens up to his therapist is held in complete privacy. This in return allows patient to be fully honest, which is the first step of solving the problem.

There are some practices that can be used only in virtual reality, to fully engage the patient in a desired environment, creating relaxing rooms or zones that recreate the source of a problem to help discuss it better. For example to treat: social anxiety, PTSDchronic pain and  improving eyesight without surgery.

We can extend the NHS-VR services across the world and reduce costs for an improved service.

HEMOSY, the future has arrived.

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