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Polis is the city with infinite space where people can have a face-to-face collaboration from any distance, as they were in the same place. This is thanks to the HEMOSY VR helmet unique design that uses cameras to capture the face of the user and projects it in a virtual reality environment.


Hemosy is a VR helmet that covers the entirety of your head. In the inside there are sets of cameras and microphones that capture your face and project it as a 3D video in Polis. Please read more here: Hemosy 

Polis is a virtual reality platform designed to function and grow as part of a city environment built in VR, because cities grow by agglomeration, gathering resources, incentives to bring educated people together. To learn from each other.

1)People enrol at the university to get high paying jobs, or open their own start up.

2)This attracts big corporations looking for specialized workers and specialized companies. This leads to lower costs for companies.

3)This leads to high productivity and very high salaries and an improved standard of living.

4)This leads to more people moving to the city. That by now is a cluster, just like New York in the 2000s.



*The number and functions of the areas is not fixed, they can be added or combined depending on regulatory needs.

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On the 10th of March there was the European Junior Enterprise competition. We are happy to inform you that we won that competition for 2018 against 300 other project from all around Europe. You can read the details here .

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