Hello, my name is Emmanuele Hyun LEGGIO, founder ,inventor and strategist. I have a back ground in economics, I dropped out of University in Italy. I have a curious personality and I follow both the technological and political situation. I have traveled in my life ,I have been in Korea , Brazil , Italy and now I’m in Switzerland. I worked in Youth organization for a year . I’ve learned to work with distinct group of people, with very different backgrounds , cultures and languages.

The Junior Enterprise EPFL has been contracted to build the MVP. We believe, based on their long list of success that they will be able to provide us with a fantastic product. The JE EPFL is used to work in confidentiality and if you desire to contact them or ask more technical questions, please call me first to make an appointment.  the brochure

Two technical and software counselors. The both have a background in software development , virtualization . The mostly provide help in brainstorming and double checking my work. They prefer to keep a more private.

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