Hello, my name is Emmanuele Hyun LEGGIO, founder ,inventor and strategist. My background is in economics, I dropped out from University. I have a curious personality and I follow both the technological and political situation. I have traveled in my life, I have been to South Korea, Brazil, Italy and now I’m based in Switzerland. I worked in youth organizations for a year and I learned to work with distinct groups of people from very different backgrounds, cultures and languages.Other team members prefer a more private profile on the internet:
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Software consultant System Administrator, Network Administrator, Realization and Maintenance of in-House Hosting for public and private entities.
Software consultant  Vmware  VCA Cloud,  VMware VCA Data Center Virtualization,
VMware  VCA Workforce Mobility.
MISSION11.CH  George Georgatos He is the  founder of Mission11 a engineering company hired to build the developer prototype and lead the mass production version. Experienced in Hardware research and construction for hobby and corporations like: Lockheed-Martin, Voith Turbo, Realbotengineering. There are other work done as mission11 among the facial capture prototype of HEMOSY.
FREELANCER Due to COVID-19 we had to learn to work as most efficiently freelancer that is the reason this team is so small. And after a year of lockdown we became quite good at managing remote teams. But that doesn’t mean we intent to keep the team this small. We are always on the lookout for new members that can bring new skills. If you want to become one of us contact us.

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