Although there are many definitions for start-ups, I imagine like a group of enthusiastic, strongly believing in the potential of their business idea. But at some point on the road this group need to be supported by others who also believe in their idea– these are you, the investors and co-founders.

With Polis and HEMOSY, we are in the initial stage and we need investors to keep us growing. For those that are reading this, you must question yourself “Why should I invest in HEMOSY and Polis” Well, we’ll try to summarize the enormous potential that HEMOSY and Polis have on the market.

Our vision is to make Polis the main virtual platform for businesses, education and entertainment. It will be a virtual city with infinite opportunity and zero distance. Polis is based on the same principles that cities in real-world function. Through history, cities were built as a place of trade for products and services. Polis will follow the same process but applied in a virtual environment. As a result, it will be the only platform that can unite the functionality and privacy of a physical environment with the size of a digital platform. How?

Polis can overcome many obstacles that are currently present in different areas the real world. For example:

– It can allow students to take a degree in any university in the world just by using HEMOSY
– It will allow long-distance relationships to function like they are in the same room by sharing experiences
– It can help old people to not feel lonely. With HEMOSY they can create communities and enjoy the company of others
HEMOSY can help people with mental health issues to find their suitable therapist from anywhere in this world
– Polis can literary re-create any sports stadium and make sports fans to enjoy the match together with the commentators;

These are only few example where Polis can bring revolutionary improvement, either by cutting costs or bring people together from anywhere in this world. By this we don’t mean just connecting people like Social Medias do, we mean to allow people to share experiences together and be able to interact.
Polis cannot function without HEMOSY, a VR helmet designed to have private and secure conversations face-to-face in a virtual environment.

Developing products is not easy these days especially deciding what strategy will guide you through the process. We decided to implement “The Lean Start-up”. This is a methodology which aims to shorten product development cycles by adopting a combination of business-hypothesis-driven experimentation, iterative product releases, and validated learning.

We’ll try to picture this, through the Campus example.
After we develop MVP, we’ll send it to our target group – the professors to test it how they can do the exams and how they prefer to organize their workflow. This testing will give us some very important insights about which features are most important and useful for our target. It will also point which features need to be removed and suggestions for future development. Trough testing with target group will eliminate the chances of going live on the market and having a product with bugs, which will bring negative publicity from the start.

When the product will be stable and bug-free, the focus group of professors can suggest their colleagues do their exams on the Campus VR Platform. It this phase the product will go live with marketing strategy in place to support it.

Little hit for my future plans: I plan to organize the Campus VR during the second development phase as a self-regulated agency, which will allow the different section to grow separately, bringing constant improvements in the field of education. But this part should happen in the second year after the initial financial. After we ensure that our idea has potential on the market (developing and testing MVP) the business will have a development phase, where the MVP will be sent to developers interested in the product or simply hired to develop features and fix bugs.

So, investors, it’s your move. We are looking for co-founders that want to participate in the process of growing the company but especially to bring their experience and imagination. We strongly believe that Polis and HEMOSY will expand the boundaries of today’s limitations in many areas.

If you interested in learning more about Polis and HEMOSY you can contact us anytime.