Isekai is a media genre born in Japanese webpages that, like Godzilla and Studio Ghibli, has conquered the internet. It all began in 2012 and continues to grow in popularity today, with a very close relationship between virtual reality and Isekai. Series/games and mange like Sword Art Online (2002) or Overlord (2010) are two cross-media products that have reached Godlike status in Japan and around the world. They embody the notion that there is something linking and entwining our culture to other worlds beyond the digital realm, making perfect fodder for online role-playing games and great manga series.

We at HEMOSY do not want to build a Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online (VRMMMO), but we are creating a stable platform to connect these media titans to our city, Polis. This is to save people from buying one VR headset for work/media and another for gaming. In Polis, people go to work in the business area until 17:00 and then can go for a Boss Raid with friends. And, as a bonus, Polis is not going to try to kill you as in many of the Isekai stories.

The main benefit to play a VRMMO with the HEMOSY rather the other VR headsets is our facial capture program is similar to that used by video game companies to generate avatars for characters. We can give you the most expressive furries or anime girls you ever interacted with.
Or maybe you where amazed by “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline, do not fear we can have games on the same servers like the Oasis for you to enjoy. If you prefer a more fantasy urban environment, be our guest.
What is sure is that after work a fantastic adventure awaits you. For the Nerve Gear (from Sword Art Online) you will need to wait for HEMOSY V2.0 in a few* years *maybe
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