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When you are watching your favorite sports match, I bet you wish to be surrounded by your friends to comment during the match. But, in reality, you cannot always reach them, mostly because of the location factor.

This is where HEMOSY comes into play!
HEMOSY creates an environment where any sports fan can see and feel the fun and the pain of everyone watching the sports game.
It’s different from the standard virtual reality where you are stuck with avatars and fake emotions.

The environment that HEMOSY creates is advantageous not only for the sports fans. It can create many business opportunities for influencers and commentators. Today is becoming a widespread phenomenon to watch influencers commenting a sports game live on YouTube or Twitch. Imagine the chills that sports fans will get if they are in the same virtual environment (community) with their favorite influencer and watch a sports game together. Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

Another part that can surely profit from the virtual environment that HEMOSY creates are stadium owners. Not everyone gets the chance to watch their team playing at their home stadium. Using HEMOSY, stadium owners can offer the team fans to watch the game on the virtually created stadium (that looks and feels like you are on the real one) increasing the publicity space and the tickets sold. It’s a win-win situation, isn’t it?

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