Everyone has their eyes on Mars as the next big space destination, with the likes of Elon Musk throwing billions of dollars and hugely experimental rockets at the planet, while the US, China and other countries continue to send robots in increasing numbers.

Beyond the engineering effort, the psychological side effects of long-term travel in space are the most dangerous problem standing between us and Mars. At extreme distances and enclosed spaces, companions cannot simply be blocked out. Astronauts need to do more exercise and movement to maintain muscle mass. Space station and spacecraft have the highest price per m³, creating a combination of a confined place filled with other people who need to constantly move and crave some privacy.

This is our solution the HEMOSY VR helmet. It allows astronauts to see and move around in other worlds while keeping themselves fit. There is total privacy for the user. In this way the astronauts can occupy the same space without interfering with each other.

Many of us felt awful when we where in quarantine, we had spikes of depression, frustration and over all sadness at the isolation. Hemosy can bring people out of their room and with the friends to have positive experiences, explore new places or just have a good laugh.

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