Polis Motto 2


The media has been drastically changed since the introduction of sharing platforms ( like youtube)  and social networks ( like facebook and twitter ). This has let many personality on social network to reach, and over come, the level of notoriety of traditional media personality.

There is the problem that once reached the limit of they’re location,  it becomes exponentially harder to find new talent to ensure the growth of they’re company. It can be also harder to find investors.

Polis is a city that puts all the needed skill close to each other, and is the perfect platform creating: comics/manga, animated movies, Vblogs , media reviews. The possibility to easily create crossover and collaborations.All this happening near the Business and banking areas, to look for investors.

The HEMOSY  protects the communication and the information exchanged to make sure that non copyrighted idea don’t leak out.

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