NFT – art forms from the internet by the internet for the internet.

10 years ago, people would have laughed if you had told them that Bitcoin would be worth than a few cents. Now worth around $35,000 dollars in regularly volatile trading the rise of cryptocurrency and blockchains have created turmoil and opportunity among markets.

Most recently, NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are generating interest with the likes of Gucci auctioning NFT art at Christie’s as part of a charity event. Smaller artists are becoming big names thanks to NFTs, with some works being sold for tens of millions of dollars creating “proof of sovereignty” sales. For digital artists the opportunities are huge, but few will be able to get a place in a major auction house, or hit the headlines.

As NFTs starting to disrupt many fields of human activity, the new generation of creators and businesses are making a lot of money out of NFT, which generates more interest in other use cases. These new ideas are embedded in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, concepts which had a troubled birth, but have gone a long way to gaining recognition of the markets and the regulatory agencies, being used by many business and as investment use cases.

We intend to foster and develop this new and exciting tool, by giving it a new social platform to connect people and businesses. One that enables the creation and sale of digital works. NFTs may not make you millions, but they could help artists make a living in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Thanks to the experience provided by other VR-worlds based on cryptocurrencies, we will build a mature and regulation-ready environment based around your digital creations, valuables and much more.

We are going to build the best world, to help show your collection to friends and fans.

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