Polis Motto 2

82% of the employee allow for remote work. [ source GARTNER].

The current 2D teleconference technology are only focused on 1 to 1 meeting. To be the first of other  future meetings.

It turned out that a big problem that forced to do things over again was the loss of two forms of knowledge critical to any team and to any interaction: nonverbal communication and peripheral participation.

The possibility  to see observe out team members,  during work builds a framework for a lot of important parts of teamwork and culture. It helps us establish trust, gain commitment, confirm understanding and consensus, or understand emotional states.

Our  the virtual office will have all the facility a physical office can have: PC (virtual desktop) , Whiteboard, post it, meeting rooms, etc.  This will allow your employee to work together like they would be in the same physical office.

This example is a cooperation between an architect and a developer

The HEMOSY is the one that protect the information and know-how of your company from 3° party. For more information on the HEMOSY please look in the HEMOSY page.

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