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The Campus was one of our biggest inspirations for the creation of Hemosy and Polis.
Keeping in mind that while some universities although allow students to study online, many still can’t take the exams because of the various ways it is possible to cheat.
As a result, this limits students that want and have the potential of studying in their dream university but they can’t afford it. Why?
In many cases these universities are located in bigger cities, so students have to move, sometimes to other nations just to be physically present. This creates travel, living and many other additional costs.

COVID has also shaken up the studying landscape and will massively change how collegiate bodies operate in the future, creating new opportunities to reinvision how remote teaching and self-study will change.

This is where HEMOSY makes a difference!

The HEMOSY system was designed for getting the degree you want. With HEMOSY you can take the required exams, with a high level of privacy, no matter if your university is in your country or on another continent. Where else you can have your biology professor explain your results in visual detail while staying at home.

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  • We have collected letters of intent from different professionals in the field of education that wish to use our platform from Fiji to France passing for USA and Brazil. And this is only the beginning.

How the Campus functions:
The virtual environment allows universities, colleges and online teaching establishments to re-create all the necessary features of a physical classroom.  The Campus of Polis is designed to feel and function as a Campus rather than a University. Meaning that the Campus will not have to create its own courses or to hire its own professors.
It enables other Universities that already have an online service (without allowing taking exams online) and massively open online course (MOOC) providers to actually do their exams. It is also possible to record the exam for future reference.

For who it is?

I don’t think I need to introduce anyone to the student debt crisis that is currently plaguing the western world. 5 million bright young adults are without access to opportunities to connect to the economic mainstream. All the best University are in expensive cities, few can afford.

  • International students with economic restrictions
  • Bridge knowledge from high school to university
  • Support students who missed exams
  • People with mobility issues
  • Professionals looking to upgrade their knowledge
  • People with cultural interests and hobbies
  • You

Suppliers: Who could be a business partner of the Campus?

The idea for a Campus came to make it possible for universities like: University of Zürich, Universtità Boccani, Yonsei University, Princeton University, Yale University or Stanford University.
The campus is not a direct competitor to organizations like these, because they can use the Campus to support taking exams online with their own resources (courses and professors/coaches).

There are also ethical issue that have surfaced on algorithmic examination, that was supposed to take the place of examiners and proctors. The algorithm contain racial , gender and behavioral bias. It is going to be very hard to remove that bias.

Others: How do we stack up compared to others ?


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