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Loneliness among the elderly is becoming a serious problem in the western world. Researchers in 2011, showed that around 2.6 million people aged 65 – 84 years are living alone in the EU. Even in Japan, the most technologically advanced nation on Earth, the problem of Kodokushi – old people dying alone – is a massive problem.  Proportionally, this puts pressure on health services and pension providers in many countries to find ways to maintain an appropriate standard of living to these categories of citizens. The UK, for example, tried to solve this question by establishing a government post to fight loneliness, a practice also soon to be followed by the German government.

The problem of loneliness escalates if the person lives in hard-to-reach locations like isolated areas or small villages away from the cities. In cases like this, there are mobility and health issues every time the person needs to go to the city center for support, treatment or goods unavailable in their area.

The HEMOSY and Polis city concept target the elderly population too. HEMOSY and Polis allow for members of the senior population, who contrary to popular opinion are eager users of technology and gadgets, to enjoy the pleasure of life like playing a card game or having a simple conversation.

To do this in the physical world can be very expensive, requiring major investment in financial and human resources. Using Polis and HEMOSY, the older population can create their own virtual communities where they can connect with other people with shared interest and beliefs or interact with their family in new ways. In this way, they will no longer feel lonely and will be able to live their life to the fullest.

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