Polis Motto 2

One of the main reason why social media networks made basically “boom” in the past few years is that they enable us to create communities with other people based on shared interests, passion, beliefs or hobbies.

With Polis, we had a goal to improve these communities. The virtual environment will provide the infrastructure and tools so people will be able to create and grow their own community.

Communities created in Polis will not be the standard ones as they are on today’s social media networks. With Polis people not only will be able to speak or chat with other members of the community. Additionally, they will be able to collaborate to grow they’re passions or simply passing time together.

The desire to create a community based on a common interest where people can share their experiences is a strong incentive to come back. If you worried about the security or integrity of Polis communities we got your back – the HEMOSY security design ensures that all the work done in the community will stay in the community.
Are you interested to create your community in Polis?

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