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One of the main reasons why social media networks have “boomed” is that they enable us to create communities with other people based on shared interests, passion, beliefs or hobbies. But social networks are changing fast, younger users spurn Facebook and Twitter for their own platforms, while people with specific interests are moving to platforms where they can find more like-minded souls. Millions of people leave Facebook every month in some demographics, but still has 2.85 billion monthly active users as of the first quarter of 2021. Even so, people are getting bored of the same old social media chit-chat and “viral” rubbish.

As traditional social media services fall out of favor, people are looking for new places to hang out. Polis could be the next be social network when it swings open its gates, creating not only a place but to chat, but to engage and create. With Polis, we have a goal to improve on traditional digital communities. The virtual environment will provide the infrastructure and tools so people will be able to create and grow their own community with a greater sense of immersion and ownership.

Communities created in Polis will not be the standard ones as they are on today’s social media networks. With Polis, people will be able to speak or chat with other members of the community directly. Additionally, they will be able to collaborate and develop their interests or passions, or simply pass quality time together. Sharing media and creations adds to the sense of value and belonging, giving people a better reason to visit and do more than just be a passive observer. As social media becomes more important to digital generations, Polis could play a huge role in bringing people together.

The desire to create a community based on a common interest where people can share their experiences is a strong incentive to come back. If you are worried about the security or integrity of Polis communities, we have got your back – the HEMOSY security design ensures that all the work done in the community will stay within that community.
Are you interested to create your community in Polis?

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