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Imagine talking with your loved ones like they are in front of you, with all the emotions and facial expressions.

Hemosy is a VR helmet designed to have private and secure conversations face-to-face in a virtual environment.

It is at a core a head-mounted system for teleconferencing that enables private and highly secure conversations face – to – face in a virtual environment. Yes, it’s possible!

Hemosy is made of a helmet that covers the entirety of your head. In the inside there are set of cameras and microphones that capture your facial movements and project it as a 3D video in Polis. Please read more here: Hemosy 

Polis is a virtual reality platform designed to function an grow as a city. In history cities grew by creating the environment that facilitates trade. Polis is capable of growth because of the possibility to create real and truthful relationship. To ensure a constant and strong growth the platform is divided in different areas, this is for security reasons. Different business have different security needs, a bank needs far more security than the dating area , and it needs a different security than the news area.

Find which area can serve you best:

In order to make Polis more accessible to you there will also be a marketplace where you can buy all the hardware. Stay tuned! We truly believe that Polis is the next great wave.

Our team with the collaboration of the je-EPLF are , using cutting-edge technology pushed the limits of impossible and created Hemosy. On the 10th of March there was the European Junior Enterprise competition. We are happy to inform you that we won that competition for 2018 against 300 other project from Je from all around europe. You can have the detail here .


*The number and functions of the areas is not fixed, they can be added or fused depending on regulatory needs.

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