helmet animation final (4)
The security feature of the HEMOSY is achieved by the hardware itself.
Cameras are installed inside the VR helmet, they will reconstruct the face and upload it. This ensures that people are seeing the real face of the person they are talking to. No avatars.
Audio produced in HEMOSY is captured by two microphones.
Hand movement is captured by sensors in the neck portion to capture the nerve signals generated by the body.
All the sensors are enclosed in the helmet to block noise (both from the inside and outside) and electronic signals such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
For user security, an alarm will sound if people in a meeting remove their helmet!

Wheight_final (1)
User comfort is very important for us, so we paid extra attention to this during the design process. The helmet is built to distribute weight around the top of the head. We based our design on the best long distance motorcycle helmets.

air_final (6)
Many people that don’t use motorcycle helmets asked how we deal with sweating and get rid of the CO2 users produce. Again, we used similar features found in motorcycle helmets to provide a clean airflow. 


You can customize the hardware as you prefer, not only in the hardware specification but also the design of the outer case to bring your own personal touch.


This is a simple technology line up to compare to other facial expressions in the Virtual Reality field.

Lineup techology2Our Emotional variety, with all the emotions:


modified starvr-infiniteye

This is a comparison between our hardware prototype ( for now ) and a VR headset.

Any idea what we could accomplish if we had a budget ? If YES click here. 

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