HEad MOunted SYstem


We got some big news!
The Head Mounted System for teleconferencing has been patented (HEMOSY) . Proudly, we can say that currently is the only VR headset that captures the face of the user in real time with the best level of security and privacy.

The privacy of HEMOSY is achieved by the hardware itself.
For capturing the users face there are cameras installed for the face and two cameras are positioned in front of the ears to ensure that the user doesn’t use additional earphone for receiving audio information from the outside. Audio produced in HEMOSY is captured by two microphones. And to ensure that there is no outside information going in HEMOSY there is neck protection. By implementing neck protector HEMOSY guarantees that no cables are going inside the helmet.

All the sensors are enclosed in the helmet to block noise (both from the inside and outside) and electronic signals among Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The helmet is closed so the user cannot see anything but the virtual reality presented by HEMOSY. All aperture on the HELMET can be closed with an electrical alarm (except the one for the neck). If the helmet is opened, there are sound alarm notifying the other people they are connected to. This is hard-wired and cannot be avoided by any software.


NOT  definitive version of the heMoSy.

User comfort is very important for us, so we paid extra attention to this during the process of design. The helmet is built in a way to distribute the weight on the top of the head and keep the same weight around the head. We based the design on the feedback we got from users using other VR headset. In order to keep the hygiene on a high level, the sponge inside it is removable and it also allows people to protect their haircut from pressure. Isn’t Fancy it?

There is also a ventilation system on the top and behind the helmet to allow airflow inside it. Using this combination of hardware and technology we tried to bring the comfort higher than the one in the motorcycle helmet.
HEMOSY is highly modular so users can invest in features they prefer and want to use (audio, video or security). The business model behind HEMOSY is to sell a basic version an have a marketplace for better modular.
We also want to create a marketplace, where we’ll sell the single pieces and to allow for third parties to sell their own products, reducing shipping and the final costs of the product. Exception for the core system, the one responsible to record the face that will be sold only by us.



This is a simple technology line up to compare to other facial expressions in the Virtual Reality  field.

Lineup techology 2


This are the results made by the  Junior Enterprise EPFL.  We decide to focus our efforts on the software and photogrammetry hardware, since there are a lot of open software and hardware VR headset we can use later.

Last version Alpha 2 :


* The black line doesn’t appear in the 2D version, and does not appear in the 3D version in the Virtual Reality room.

Alpha 2 video :


There are same parts of the face in shadow due to the light in the physical room. And the video is not speed up or modified in any way.

Older versions :

Alpha 1 :

This is the first result of the fusion of the Hardware and the software, the cameras are attach to the helmet. We started with just two , that can take the full frontal face.



The video was speeded up 5x because the software is  running on a Virtualbox.


The very first version:


Although this version has some limitation it can already compete with the facial expressions and emotion.

You can see the video here:




The picture, you can see our first prototype, the one built by the unicorn-labs. During the creation of the first prototype, the focus was on the basic hardware and creating a proof of concept. Please visit this link there is some really good explanation of the process we followed.


prot for website


IMPORTANT NOTE: The technology behind the HEMOSY have been patented and cannot be reproduced, patented, or re-created without the written permission of the patent holder.

We want to hear your thoughts. Is HEMOSY seems interesting to you? In what areas you’d want to try it?

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